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Dreamarte Gallery

With great love for artistic expression, this Gallery will be a center for providing a classic platform for new and established artists ... 'broadcast' in a 21st Century manner.

We will hold regular exhibitions utilising all the digital tools available to create a meaningful virtual experience with classical art ... but most importantly, exhibitions that tell stories ... of an individual artist ... or groups related to a central theme.

Each exhibition can be accessed by clicking on the link in the column to the left of this page.

One of the greatest advantage of our exhibition space is that each exhibition can remain standing forever creating a virtual center for exhibited art. (Although some of the works in these exhibitions may well be sold ... their virtual images can still remain standing as part of the 'story' for ever.)

This is the dreamarte gallery virtual floor-space ... what we call the Showcase.

Each exhibition will have its own individual Showcase with a sensitivly curated show bringing brightness, color and story to its walls.

The works on each wall can then be carefully scrutinised using the dreamarte gallery dviewer ... a means to thoroughly inspect and appreciate each work by providing a full 3D perspective of the original piece.

It's as good ... if not better ... than being there.

Current Exhibitions

Presenting a Passover tribute to the City of Lights ... the City of Gold.

Over 20 original paintings from 10 internationally known local artists paint 'their' Jerusalem.
Celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary with flowers.

On display are 20 floral works by nine noted Israeli artists rejoicing at Israel's birthday.

New Exhibition



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