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Israel @ 60
A truly modern miracle … but at what price.
A Painters Perspective.

Artists have always been the soul and conscience of a community.

Within the dramatic geopolitical and existential nature of it’s establishment, the wonders of modern Israel are not just its thriving commercial and sociopolitical infrastructure and institutions, but also its cultural development and diversity.

In literature, theater and the visual arts it rides the world’s stage. And the plethora of remarkable Painters is no exception.

DreamArte is proud to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Israel through the vision of a select group of extraordinary Israeli painters.

Each artist presents at this exhibition two works; the first is the artists personal interpretation of the wonder of modern Israel – The Miracle; the second work is a view of the price that’s been paid to the land and/or its people for that miracle, whether that price is architectural, environmental, sociological … or the cost in human lives and/or dislocation – The Price.

The purpose of the exhibition is to make sure that all of us recognize there is a series of costs attached to any miracles … and for that marvel to be truly successful we have to constantly recognize the price to repay one way or another.

The exhibition will be held in the greater metropolitan area of three US cities; New York, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale.

May and June 2008

The artists can include; Mark Tochilkin, Itzchak Tarkay, Adriana Naveh, Isaac Maimon, Kim Tkatch, Lesya Bershov, Sarit Guera, Ina Belous, Simon, Meir Picthadze, Alex Grinshpun, Hedy Kun, Zahava Lupo, Galina Datloof, Shuly Wolf ….. amongst others


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